Things You Didn’t Know About Steampunk

To most people, all there is to steampunk is the repurposing of Victorian culture and technology for the sake of fun, profit or both. This is the notion that has been widely spread by the media, books and even the fashion world. A culture that is way more than most people understand has been reduced to an imagination of superficial aspects and weirdly dressed folks. However, in a bid to lift the mystery, shun the negativity and shine the spotlight on steampunk, here are a couple of things you and probably many others did not know about it. It could go a long way in helping you understand it better.


It was initially a 'putdown' joke

Just like the Big Bang in cosmology, the term steampunk also started out as a putdown joke but what was supposed to be a diss did not take long before it became a standard. In the mid-1980s at the height of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction, it was predicted that the next big name would be steampunk. This is was around the same time that the word ‘punk’ was widely being used as a suffix. The prophet of the message was a writer known as K.W. Jeter. He cast an eye at the current age and reached out to the attention of many to a culture that featured weird technology, heroism, rich culture, odd beliefs and cool clothing. This is what has come to be known by many as steampunk.


Steampunk is more of an art than it is a fashion

Because of the tendency of creators of steampunk wanting to show off their creations by wearing them, most people have come to believe that is a way of dressing. But, it is more of art. Today, steampunk has inspired literature, music, fashion, artists in the media and even people to make machines and create sculptures of machine parts that would have otherwise been thrown away. It also inspires the reworking of Victorian fashions into trendy apparel. It requires an artistic and highly creative mind to be able to come up with the unique attires and costumes that you see folks adorning at a steampunk gathering.


Steampunk is deconstructive

There is no doubt that people from the Victorian era would loathe what steampunk has done to their attire. It has turned the Victorian Era inside out. In women's fashion, corsets are worn on the outside, the inner workings of gadgets are exposed from the outer layer, and the most interesting part is the fact that the ideas and dreams of people are worn and outwardly expressed for all to see and take in.

There is no doubt that in the steampunk communities, there are those that have different perspectives and takes on it. There are those that only take it as a cool way of looking silly, expressing your creativity and a great avenue for mingling with like-minded people. There are those that are more serious. Those who believe in the artistry that is steampunk and practice it as a way of life. Regardless of how you look at it, rest assured that steampunk is the NOW!


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