Hard Wax Beads Vs Strips

If you are reading this, you must have come across an article speaking about the painless waxing method. You surely must have wondered if it actually exists or it is just a scam. Well it actually does. And while it is not completely painless, you will experience significantly reduced pain than with normal waxing strips. In this piece, I work to differentiate between the two; hard wax beads and strips.

There are several reasons why most persons seem to prefer hard wax beans – a reason why they are gaining popularity so much.

Strip Waxing

First and foremost, with hard wax beads, you will not need to make use of any strips of cloths. The waxing is stripless. This is possible since after the melted wax is applied to the skin, it hardens. It can be pulled off with the fingers with great ease without needing any extra equipment. This makes the use of hard wax very convenient, user friendly and best of all, it is perfect for DIYers.

The hard wax beans are designed to be non-sticky. In addition to this, they are also designed to peel off with great ease. The unique formula is responsible for these characteristics. The fact that the wax only sticks on the hairs and not to the skin makes it all the more easy to peel off without creating a huge mess.


It is important to note that the use of hard wax beans is painless. Well, not exactly painless, but a significant amount of pain is reduced. You should also note that the amount of pain you feel will depend on the technique you use to pull off the wax patch as well as the sensitivity of the area you are working on. Since pain is the major reasons why most women shy away from waxing, not they will have no reason not to.

Hard waxing beans are needless to say, a miracle. In comparison to other waxing methods and types including epilation hard wax beads are the better option. It is also worth noting that the hard wax beans do not leave rashes, bruises or cuts on your skin. When you test the temperature before you apply on your skin, you also alleviate the danger of getting burned.

Effective and Thorough

Hard beans are actually thorough and effective at removing hair. Even the hard and coarse hair can be removed with proper application of the hard wax bean. With this ability, you can wax your legs, armpits and even face using the hard wax bean method.

Most of the hairs will be caught during the first pass. And in the event some are left behind, you can always use a second pass or tweeze them afterwards.

Ease of Use

The fact that hard wax beans are very easy to use means that they are perfect for DIYers. You can even perform a Brazilian treatment to yourself and at the comfort of your home. It should however be noted that DIY Brazilian requires some bit of practice. That said, it is advisable that you take it slow.

Compatible With All Skin Types

You can use the hard wax bean even on sensitive skin types. This benefit makes the product open for use to all men and women who are struggling to get great results with normal waxing methods.

Combined, all these advantages make hard wax beans popular with most individuals. Hair removal has never been easier, more effective and bearable than this.


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