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Several factors must be considered when choosing the right wax and polish to be used on any piece of furniture. Polishing or waxing pieces of furniture must be done with the help of a professional. As simple as it may sound, most home owners still need the assistance of a professional in order to get their furniture properly waxed. According to experts, ingredients that are used in production of cleaning products and commercial polishes are often changed without any notice. As much as the changes may not affect you or the furniture in any way, experts still advise that you hire an experienced hand to do the job. However, those who are keen on doing the job still have the opportunity to learn from experts and carry out the task.

The first trick is to know the types of polishes and then learn how each one is used. There are basically three types of polishing products namely; aerosol, semisolid and liquid polishes.


Aerosols are spray polishes ranked as the most convenient when it comes to polishing any piece of furniture. However, experts are of the opinion that they gave birth to silicon oil that has continued to ruin furniture. Most of them are also made of made of solvents that pose a great threat to lacquers and varnishes.

Liquid Polish

Like spray polishes, using them is easy and convenient. Commercial liquid polishes include oil polishes and emulsion polishes or cleaners. Emulsion polishes comprise of oil, wax, detergents and organic solvents floated in water to give it a smooth touch thus its ease when applying on a piece of furniture. Emulsion polishes are good cleaners and leave each surface with a desirable sheen. However, the effect fades as the liquid continues to dry up.

Oil polishes on the other hand are made of a complex combination of ingredients and may need a profession hand in most cases to handle the task. Organic solvents, colorants, wax, oil, perfume and cleaners are some of the ingredients used in making oil polishes. They are best used to give a polished surface the final finish and not as the main polish.

Semisolid Polishes

Also known as paste waxes, semisolid polishes are the best as far furniture care is concerned. Unlike other polishes in the market, they are made of ingredients that don’t cause any type of damage on wooden surfaces. Paste waxes are also the most durable and need not to be applied frequently. However, semisolids need more contact with furniture surface and most of the time end up requiring plenty of physical labor in order to get the job properly done.

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