All text, graphics, and photography are copyright of the Underwater Images competition, OR the competition entrants, OR competition sponsors. Copyrights of Photos or videos submitted by entrants are solely owned by the entrant photographers and displayed by permission in accordance with competition entry rules. Sponsor graphics and logos are copyright that of the sponsor companies or individuals. NO text, graphic, photo, video, or other media may be used for any purpose, copied, linked to, or downloaded without specific permission of the copyright owner. Press Releases may be freely copied and distributed as published.

Website operators may copy and display the Underwater Images logo on their site ONLY if it links to the home page at NO other images or graphics may be linked without express written permission. We do welcome text links to the home page, but request that links not be made to pages other than the home page. We do not respond to link exchange requests other than those of our sponsors, charitable beneficiaries, and/or entrants.

Entrant Photographs and Videos

Copyright ownership of all photographs and videos on this website submitted as entries to the competition are that of the entrants and used with temporary permission granted by the competition entry rules. The competition does not have authority to allow or authorize use for any purpose than those included in the rules. Photos may not be copied, downloaded, directly linked to, or used for any purpose without direct written consent of the copyright owners. Please report any copyright infringement to the competition director and/or copyright owner. If you would like to contact the photograph owner about commercial or non-commercial use, the competition Director may be able to provide contact information to the copyright owner on request.

Notice to Entrants

Competition Organizers reserve the right to publish the winning entries and finalists in publications relating to the photo competition and it’s promotion (including but not limited to this web site, contest mailers, email newsletters, dive, photography, or travel magazines, or similar publications, YouTube, entrant evaluation video, etc.), and use in promotional materials for future year contests held by Organizer for a period of up to 4 years from the contest awards (unless authorized otherwise by entrant). In submitting entries, photographers grant permission for these purposes as a condition of entry. Underwater Images WILL NOT sell, redistribute, or offer entered photos for any commercial purpose other than promotion of the competition or furtherance of the charitable causes of the competition without express permission of the entrant/copyright owner.

The competition respects the entrants copyrights, and will try to honor reasonable requests for copyright protection. Photographers may optionally submit their own Digimarc® watermark protected scans or digital images for display on this web site or as digital entries. Please contact webmaster for sizes, resolutions, and specifications needed. Third party inquiries about fair use of photos will be forwarded to the entrant when possible.

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