Finding the Best Budget Racer Gaming Chair


Racer gaming chairs can be quite an elaborate purchase, with some brands charging up to $900 for a premium chair. They are not cheap, but they can also be a very important purchase. Racer gaming chairs, whilst aesthetically extremely “cool”, are also designed to provide added support to the neck and lower back. A 2017 study in the United States showed that 49% of respondents, across all demographics and not just gamers, reported suffering from back pain. For the avid gamer, who will sit for several hours immersed in another world, a lumbar supporting, comfortable chair is important.

If you are on a tight budget, you may not think you can afford the luxury of racer gaming chair. Well, that’s just not true! 

There are two important factors when choosing the perfect chair for you. Firstly, decide on your budget, but just know that its very difficult to find a good gaming chair under $200. If your budget is around the same as a gaming system, then you won’t be sacrificing your comfort or your posture whilst gaming or sitting for long periods of time.

After you have an idea of how much you wish to spend, the next factor comes down to personal preference. Just because this range is cheap, doesn’t mean it isn’t varied. Each chair in the range features vibrant and bold color options and there are numerous styles available.

Some styles feature extra-large, padded bucket seats which will delight those seeking the traditional racecar seat look for their office gaming chair.

Some racer gaming chairs even posses a more understated, executive chair look but with all the additional padding of a traditional racer gaming chair.

Other types of chairs will have a more stripped down appearance, may not be as deeply cushioned as others, however, will most certainly provide sufficient support and comfort for an excellent price.

Needless to say, even within the cheap racer gaming chair range, the more money you pay, the more features and adjustment options you get. However, even the top of the range chairs are surprisingly affordable, and offer some fantastic features such as genuine leather, padded armrests, even tall backrests tilting between 90 and 150 degrees to allow for comfortable position changing during long gameplay interludes.

So, no matter how limited your budget is, there will something to comfort every gamer and compliment any gaming desk set up.



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