Why Heat Pump Dryers are a Winner for Your Home

Drying textiles after you have washed them has always been sort of a juggernaut. The spin dryers tend to leave in too much moisture depending on the nature of the textile and others like the condenser drier leave the clothes too dry that you have to moist them again while ironing. But, with the recent trends and upgrades to the heat pump drier, your headache as with regards to drying clothes should be a thing of the past and here is why.

Energy efficiency

As it is, you might already be having a staggering electricity bill to deal with. They always seem to be more costly the next month. The last thing you want is to add an appliance that is going to make your life even more difficult. The best part of having a heat pump drier is their energy efficiency. Most of them have a rating of up to A+++ which you will find to be quite easy on your pocket. On average, with this drier, you can be able to save up to 50% in energy annually.


Diversity in drying

Different material will require different moisture contents to make iron and storing much easier. There are the lighter ones like nylon and polyester that do not require much and the heavier ones like cotton require slightly more. No matter the kind of textile you are dealing with, you can always get a near perfect dry with a heat pump drier owing to the ability to adjust the drying settings of the drier.



Most of the traditional driers will deposit the moisture that is collected during the drying into the surrounding. This increases the humidity of the room. If by any chance the laundry room is close to other rooms like the bedrooms, the increase in humidity levels can increase chances of suffering respiratory conditions and so on and so forth. With a heat pump drier, the same is not the case. The moisture that is collected is not released into the surrounding. Instead, it is kept in a closed circuit where it is circulated, heated, condensed, stored then reheated again. During storage, it is collected in a container that can be easily removed and emptied. This keeps the humidity levels of the room stable and prevents the growth of mold and harboring of bacteria. Even if your laundry room is close to the others you do not have to worry about a thing.


There is no single shred of doubt that heat pump dryers are a must have for most homes, they feature trend setting technologies that do not require a heating element for the heating and above all, improve the living standards in your home while remaining quite functional. If you would like to look into on, you can proceed to read some of the reviews on the heat pump dryer page Trocknerland.

For the best results and experience, it is best that you begin by considering the size of your household and the use of the dryer before making the purchase. While for most people price is usually the greatest factor, you might end up getting a cheaper model that is not sufficient for your needs if you follow this route.